Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medical treatments




Injections with botulinum toxin not only relax, but are capable of preventing the appearance of expression wrinkles. The results are noticeable between the 1st and 2nd week and last between 3 and 5 months.


Hyaluronic acid

We are specialists in natural lips

We love to advise you to know which is the best treatment for you, whether it is dark circles, cheekbones, marking of the mandibular arch, it is necessary to make a first assessment to clarify doubts and set expectations

aesthetic medicine

Peels, Vitamins, Microneedling

Because the face is the mirror of the soul

We have a real obsession with showing off a porcelain complexion and showing off a button. We believe that a good personalized treatment schedule will make your skin shine on its own #sinfiltros


Body mesotherapy

Sagging, cellulite... you command and we guide you

Silicon, DMAE, trace elements, artichoke extract and good nutritional advice will help you achieve any challenge you set for yourself!

aesthetic treatments

Personalized skincare

The difference you are looking for

We work with the best brands to offer you a tailored dermocosmetic routine.

Collagen inducers

Threads, calcium hydroxyapatite

Alone or as a complement to the rest of the techniques we perform, face or body, aimed at improving sagging and repositioning volumes... duration up to 2 years!

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